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My Inspiration

 Driven by a passion for the arts, Michelle Martin has created an accomplished and viable Interior Design, Art Gallery and Custom Picture Framing business in Dolores Colorado, West Fork Gallery. 

My Experience

 The success of  Michelle and West Fork Gallery transcends the last 21 years of  economic ups and downs with a combination of Michelle’s artistic professionalism and the intimate relationships she has built and continues to build with her clients world wide.  Michelle attends the PPFA West Coast Art and Frame Institute to increase her knowledge of custom picture framing and to stay up on industry standards

Both local and international clients repeatedly rely on Michelle’s expert consultation and top of the line product knowledge to fulfill their interior design and custom framing needs. Michelle has created close relationships with world-class vendors, artisans and manufacturers while building West Fork Gallery. These close partnerships continue today in this ever changing world of Art & Design.  

My Spare Time

I enjoy water and snow skiing, hiking, biking, golf, sailing, long walks on a white sandy beach and my labs at my feet while watching a sunset and sipping a glass of red wine.  

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About Us

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Custom Picture Framing

Discover why West Fork Gallery & Custom Picture Framing is the place to come to for the complete framing experience. 

“A well chosen frame enhances art without dominating it.” 

Michelle is an expert in custom picture framing.  She has the largest selection of unique frames in the Four Corners.  The unique mat work and well chosen materials to suit each of her clients’ picture framing needs has become a trademark for West Fork Gallery, and has set Michelle apart in her industry.  Michelle’s extensive Interior Design experience gives her customers a unique Design experience when they bring their treasures and valuable artwork in to be framed.  Each piece that finds it’s way to her framing table will get her valuable customer service and expert material knowledge, her eye for detail and passion for art will enhance your image.  Michelle specializes in unique and difficult matting projects as well as conservation framing.  The Gallery also features artwork for sale. 

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Interior Design

 Michelle also offers Interior Design, Decorating and Project Management services at West Fork Gallery.  She has 25 years of extensive experience working closely with Architects, Designers, Contractors, the hospitality industry and property owners. Her attention to detail, color and design expertise is present in every project she undertakes. It is Michelle’s mission, when taking on a project, to create an atmosphere that reflects what her client’s values and interests are.The design elements present throughout the gallery are the perfect blend of both picture framing, amazing art images, furniture, flooring and all aspects of the interior design process, one inspires the other! Michelle’s Mission Statement; “An exceptional home is simply a frame for an exceptional life’, This statement is my inspiration when I take on a project.  My purpose is to make it exceptional. My resources are vast, the Gallery is a complete Turn Key Interior enhancement company.  I work diligently to achieve the look that my clients’ desire for their space, whether it is a home or commercial project.” 

Michelle's Original Artwork

 “I started drawing and painting as a child, passionate about art in every form.  When my children were born I decided to stay home and play with my Angel’s.  As they grew I wanted to capture treasured moments in time, which inspired my “Special Moment” series of them growing up. Watercolor was not an easy medium to master. I am forever working to master it.  But it has a life of it’s own.  Water pooling on paper, pigment dropped in and a hidden world of color bleeding out. As I watch, “It” takes shape and as it dries and forms pigment hues, that is when I can put the finishing touches in detail. Art is the Artist’s Soul exposed on canvas for all to view.” I gain inspiration for my art by appreciating the Master Artist’s work.  God is the Master Artist and I aspire only to expose it on paper and then to frame the Art. Let beauty inspire me to aspire to greatness, defined by God’s power for His glory. 

Michelle’s Interior Design Services

Check out this great video and see how Michelle can redefine your space!


Archival Picture Framing

“What’s behind the glass?”

Discover why your artwork needs to be archivaly framed! 

Custom Picture Framing is an investment in preserving your art. Using archival matting and mounting material will accomplish this.

The most valuable investment is to protect the image from fading and ghosting with archival glazing. Michelle at West Fork Gallery only uses Tru Vue Conservation 98% UV Acrylic and Glass. 

Inventory Sales

We are substantially reducing our inventory.  Come into the Gallery and take advantage of sales throughout the shop.  


“My job takes me out of town on a regular basis, so when I decided to remodel and add on to my home, I knew I needed to hire someone to oversee and manage the entire project.  Michelle Martin was the perfect person for the job.  She drew up the blueprints, obtained all of the necessary permits, hired all of the contractors, and provided me with plenty of samples to make sure I would get the home that I described to her.  When a problem would arise, Michelle handled it quickly and professionally.  I was able to be as involved, or uninvolved as I wanted.  The result of Michelle’s expertise is a show home that I am very proud of.“  -John Mickel

Art Opportunity......

For the last 35 years West Fork Gallery has been a Fine Art Dealer for publishing companies such as Mill Pond Press, The Greenwhich Workshop and Somerset Fine Art (to name a few). During that time this private collection of Limited Edition Fine Art have been archivally stored to preserve their integrity. It is time to release and offer these priceless images to you! Come into the Gallery let me treat you to a cup of espresso or a glass of local wine featured in our tasting room! Cheers! 

Architectural Concept Story Boards

Architectural Concept Story Boards are a life saving tool on every Construstion site! 

They save the homeowner time, stress and money.  These Story Boards keep everyone on the job knowing how the project will look when finished.  They save “change order” issues that can turn what should be a stress free adventure into a nightmare!!! 


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My customers have questions about Art, Custom Picture Framing, Interior Design, Good Coffee and great local Wine! 

Michelle at West Fork Gallery has the answer! Question, answers, comments and conversation is always welcome at West Fork Gallery! 

So visit us today!  😊

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Joshua 24:15   "....As For me and my house, we will serve the Lord."

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